Who is Blippi?

The Blippi character is a children’s video entertainer and educator (aka Edutainer) created and portrayed by Stevin John in 2014. He is known for his blue shirt and signature orange glasses, bowtie, and suspenders. He also wears a colorful orange and blue stripped hat! Blippi has plenty of energy and a childlike persona which is always curious and eager to learn about new things.


Blippi has quickly captured the hearts of children and parents alike. Children are consumed by his fun and imaginative ways of exploring. They love to copy his signature moves as he transitions from one interesting thing to the next. Parents love the interactive and educational nature of Blippi’s videos as he explores the world. His videos have helped to teach millions of children how to count, to learn their colors, and to learn their letters.

Blippi’s videos have reached over 7 billion views. He has over 11 million subscribers on YouTube alone. He started as a single individual filming, editing, and doing his own graphics for his videos. Now he hosts an ever expanding team of staff!

Blippi Videos & Music

Blippi’s videos are available to watch on YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Video. They are also available for purchase through direct download and on DVD. Many of his videos feature fun educational songs to match the content. In fact, the songs are so catchy that children and their parents love singing the songs together. These songs feature tractors, fire trucks, police cars, garbage trucks, and more. Most of these songs are available for purchase on CD.

Blippi The Musical – Live Show Tour

Blippi The Musical was announced in 2019. This show featured the fun and energetic Blippi character (not Stevin John). This decision was stated because Blippi was always envisioned as a “character”. Stevin John is the writer and creative force behind him. This makes his presence unnecessary making it possible for the character to reach a broader audience.

Blippi Toys & Merchandise

Blippi has a wide selection of toys and other merchandise available.


We find that most Blippi toys are rated for 3 years and up. They include props, vehicles, and machinery from all the favorite Blippi episodes. Jazwares, Inc is the manufacturer of most or all Blippi toys available which are known for their high quality as well as excellent reviews. Jazwares umbrella of toy brands include Cabbage Patch Kids, Pokemon, Roblox, Peppa Pig, and more!

Some of the most popular Blippi toys include mini vehicles, a recycling truck, and also a bendable plush doll.

Other Merchandise

Other merchandise is available. This includes branded toddler puzzles, science kits, bicycles, and wall decor! If you’re child is a huge fan there is even costumes, clothing, and Blippi shoes available!

What is Blippi’s net worth?

Blippi’s net worth has been estimated to be in the range of $40 million. This estimate for Blippi’s net worth does include monetization from his YouTube channels, videos, Google Ads, merchandise, music, and more.

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